Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Glass of mommy guilt...

Middle C's note for her sister
The start of school is just two long weeks away.  I feel guilty about saying it, but I am ready.  I announced my feelings about school to a few friends and one of them floored me when she said, I don’t want to send them back, I am having so much fun with them.  I will miss them so much.  That is when I felt that little sting in my heart that makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with me?   I should enjoy these last few days of togetherness.  The following day I was determined to have “fun”.  I told the girls to get on their swimsuit.  Simple task, but apparently middle C “accidentally” dropped E’s swim suit in the toilet when she was bringing it to her.  E retaliated by declaring that Middle C was wearing one of her old swimsuits that she always thought was ugly.  Tears and drama ensued, but I didn’t yell I”enjoyed” the moment.  Baby A took a dump in her swim diaper two minutes before we were about to get in the car. After the drama, and 20 minutes of deep breaths and determination to not loose it and enjoy my kids, I loaded all three girls into the swagger wagon.  First stop the neighborhood pool, and the sunscreen ritual.  Yes, someone is always getting it in their eyes.  Baby A inevitably will find the one spray bottle not locked and spray her face.  There will be tears, but I will “enjoy” the moment.  After the pool, I took the girls to get their new backpacks.  While at Toy R Screwing us, Baby A managed to get her foot stuck in the slats of the cart.  She was screaming bloody murder, and the teenage employee looked confused when I asked if she had any lotion to help grease up her chunky leg so I could pull it out of the cart.   I tried not to lose it when she said they didn’t have lotion.  Really?  They sell baby diapers and baby necessities.  Baby A’s foot is swelling; my other girls are clutching their new backpacks in horror.  Then out of the corner of my eye, I see super woman sprinting down the aisle clutching a bottle of baby oil.  She helps me lube up baby A’s foot freeing her from the evil shopping cart vice.  I had tears in my eyes and sweat tricking down my back.  She looked me in the eye and said, “This is why I hired a babysitter this week.  I can’t take it anymore either.  On a positive note the baby will have smooth skin?"   I sniffed and gave her a big hug.  So for those of you mommies that are enjoying your last few days with your kiddos, bless your sweet little hearts.  For those of you mommies that are about lose your mind from the bickering, the pouting, the whining, and the constant pressure to make memories,   bless your exhausted guilty hearts.  Pour out that glass of mommy guilt and pour a glass of mommy glee, I won’t judge! Two weeks and counting...

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