Sunday, August 12, 2012

House of ill repute

I have been so busy lately that I have neglected my blog.  Have I been busy vacationing, going on dates, blowing money, getting a rock solid body, tanning?  Um… nope just experiencing my first summer with three kids not in school.  My mother always said that she hated when summer was over.  Just pour me a glass of mommy guilt, because I am looking forward to sending them off.    I embarrassed my oldest by performing the cabbage patch, running man combination when I saw the “Back to School” display at Target.  For the record, I still can rock it old school style.   Speaking of old school, I have finally decided it was time to empty out the panty/bra drawer.  Gals you know what I am talking about, remember those totally cute, lacy numbers, the sexy thongs that you perhaps wore when you first got married.  Victoria did have a secret and they are all jammed in the back corner of my drawer.    While baby A was napping, and the older girls were playing upstairs.  I sorted the items from…granny with too many holes, granny but comfy, special occasion, and “G” so not wearing that string.   I shoved the retired panties into a Wal-Mart bag and threw it in my closet.  Apparently there must have been a few renegade thongs begging to be used.  Later that day, I went up to the playroom and found this lovely moment frozen in time.  Notice the clever use of the thong as it cradles a mother mermaid and her child.  Western Barbie (circa 1984) appears to be attempting a Fifty Shades Of Gray move. The other Barbie is working on some Pilates equipment above her bed.  Not sure what is going on with the “Sunshine Family Dad” and the girl in the bath tub.  When I questioned middle C about it she said, “ Mom, that is not a boy , its just a girl that likes to look different and she has eczema, also her legs fall off if I try to take off her pants.”
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