Sunday, August 19, 2012

"WILD" Kingdom Late Night

            In our attempt to pack in a few more memories before sending the kid’s off to school, we decide to go to one of our local zoo's.  Our city has the zoo and the "zoo”. I actually prefer to go to the “zoo”. It is down a few back roads littered with one or two mattresses that may or may not have had a crime committed on them, and one "gently mangled" sofa missing an armrest.  This Zoo is tucked away between a few mobile homes, past an abandoned storage shed, down a dirt road.   You really do need a GPS to find it.  It was awesome that we had one in the car.  The only issue was my directionally, absolutely, 100% correct husband did not believe “Xena” our travel warrior.  I watched as he argued with her and chose a different road, after a different road.  “Recalculating…..recalculating…..recalculating”, the miles to the zoo went from 11 to 21.   After an extra 30 minutes and Xena expertly teaching Baby A to now say “recalculating” we made it.
            It was a great time, the weather was good, and the animals stayed behind their bailing wire and duct tape fences.  Then I spotted it, a Zebra that was apparently rather excited.  I am NOT talking about old school Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom excited, I am talking about Discovery Channel Late Night excited.  I did my best to not point it out to the kids, but I HAD to say something to the hubby.  I also, because I really am not mature, thought that I would get a photo op of Middle C standing in front of the “huge” zebra.  She glanced over and posed for the photo.  Just before I snapped the photo, someone got very camera shy.  Claire looked at me after the photo and said, “Wow that Zebra turned from a boy to a girl.  God can do anything on a Sunday.”  Why yes, Middle C, he can.  He can also give my sweet little family the opportunity to watch yet, another Animal Kingdom Porn Scene.  Mr. Bear was having a moment with himself.  It was not a quiet moment; there was some loud grunting.  As we approached, hubby and I stopped and stared as we observed Mr. Bear committed a fairly impressive act of personal fellatio.  Baby A was giggling screaming”funny, funny,” in her high pitched voice as Mr. Bears grunts became louder.  Hubby attempted to distract the girls by mention it was snack time.  The girls ran off, Hubby and I just shrugged our shoulders.   I suppose solitary confinement amusements are few and far between…or should I say fur and fur between?  
Mr. Bear Himself

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