Monday, April 14, 2014

Worst day of her life

"This is the worst day of my entire life," my daughter sobs.  Her eyes are red and streams of tears are dripping down her cheeks.  My darling daughter, I hope this really is the worst day of your life.  I hope your heart never hurts more than it does right now.   

Today, someone adopted the last puppy we have been fostering through the Animal Shelter.    Today, the big beautiful tree that shaded our front yard was taken down.  Today, my daughter mourned the  birds nests that she will never again watch from her window.  Today, she said goodbye to her furry little friend. 

In her eight years of life, this day was the first time I saw the twinkle in her eye dull just a bit.   My darling girl, the road ahead will be full of twists, turns, potholes, peaks and valleys.  I will be your cheerleader, your cloak, your calm in the storm.   I will pick you up when you fall, dust you off, and watch as you continue on your journey.  Even on the "worst day of your life", I will be there.

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